Buenos Aires street food

How good is it?

Walking through Costanera we can find a lot of „puestos“ like this one above. The Costanera sur runs along the canal and the ecological reserve.

This little wagons sell all kind of local specialties: choripan ( sausage sanchwich), hamburgers, churrasquito, bife de chorizo, bondiola al limon, morcilla, salchicha parillera o vacio. Basically everything that can be cooked on a parrilla.

Sauces always taste better in these places, so it is imperative to try the Chimichurri sauce together with our Choripán.We can also find a small range of side dishes as french fries, tomatoes or fried onions.

But ... it is as safe to eat in one of these places?...I guess that’s what most people may wonder. If you decide to go anywhere in sudamerica you are a bit fond of adventure, let’s face it. The cleaning on the wagons (and on the people who runs them), it’s not something to brag about. But hey, that is the street food reality everywhere in the world.
Not only in costanera can we find these places. In Palermo or in any big park they are also popular. They need a small grill and a bit of space so you won’t find them down town.

What we can find in the city center almost in every corner are "garrapiñadas“. Usually run by only one person and about 1 meter wide. For two or three pesos you can get a bag of delicious caramelized nuts freshly made.

What do I get when I order..?

Garrapiñadas: usually recently made, they are caramelized peanuts

Choripan: a grilled chorizo and a crusty bread (in Spanish: pan)

Chimichurri: is a sauce made from chopped parsley or cilantro, garlic, salt, pepper, onion, and paprika with olive oil. Lemon or vinegar can be added for more "bite"

Bondiola con Limón: a steak of pork meat and lemon. It’s usually the pork’s neck meet.

Vacio: juicy steak from the back side of the cow.

Morcilla: spicy and hot blood sausage.Ussually served with bread.

Churrasquito: a thick cut of skirt steak

Salchicha parillera: big sausage