Top 3 Baires experiences to do in one day!!

Just one more day until you go back home ? Check this short to-do list of Baires experiences and make sure you have done all of them!

1. Watch a football game!

Well, here is a dilemma: Could be a bit dangerous to go on your own to a “futbol” match. What you can do instead is find a local bar, or pub where they are showing a game of the national team. It won’t be very difficult because when the national team plays the whole city its in front of the TV. It’s not the same as to be in the stadium, but you will get the idea. Plus it’s safe, cheap and more comfortable. Anyway, Bocca Juniors and River Plate are among the most entertaining teams to watch in the world of football and with great individual skills, so you will have a lot of fun.

If you decide to go to a live match, careful with the tickets (you can get very fake ones and pay a fortune for them!). Instead of trying to save a few bucks, go to a regular ticketing place. Depending on the match, check the the different teams colours and be careful were you sit. If you already have a favourite team, just go for it!

2. Dance a tango

A challenge if you travel alone, but still a nice experience. There are hundreds of good tango bars and academies so it won’t be hard to find a place. Some people ignore that the nice songs are mostly about broken hearts and misfortunes, but feel romantic dancing to them anyway. I’ll advice you not to go to a posh professional place if you are a first-timer and just want to have some fun. The key here is to enjoy! If it will help you to get in the mood, let me tell you that Tango left the bordellos to conquer the world for one thing: the sensuality of the movements.

3. Try Asado

Of course the ideal thing will be to get an invitation from a local. But if you don’t have any acquaintances there let me give you some advices. The most important thing about the asado (or argie bbq) is the meat quality. Then it has to be prepared, a process that might take many hours. You can find restaurants with a high quality, but also at a high price. If that’s what you are looking set yourself towards “Costanera norte” and “Puerto Madero”.

If you have rent a car try the outskirts, into the Buenos Aires province. On the road you can find very chep restaurants with good parillas. If renting a car or leaving the city are not in your plans, at least go to barrios “Caballito or “Flores”. They are not in central turistic areas and you will be able to find some nice places to eat an asado.

Avoid places with big cows in the front and signs with English letters. If you don’t speak any Spanish it can be a challenge, but its worth trying. Just ask for “una parrillada para dos” (a bbq for two) and you will be fine.

One thing that might encourage you if you don't speak Spanish: In Argentina all foreign movies are shown in the original language so you will find that basic English vocabulary will be understood. Add some body-language and some luck, and you will be fine in most situations!