Argentinian Food

Sure, let’s go to the end of the world to learn tango, but what’s really good to eat there? Look no further, here the absolute top five of Argentinean specialities!!! Mmmh enjoy!!!


Maybe one of my favourite, the so called “empanadas” are half-moon shaped pastries that can be filled with many ingredients like meats, vegetables, cheeses, and spices. They are usually cooked in the oven, although some can be fried to. I would say that the most popular variety is the meat-filled empanada that consists of ground beef, olives, hard-boiled eggs, and spices. Chicken and ham/cheese flavour are also quite popular. Since you don need a dish to eat them (just hold it in your hand!) it’s very popular to use as an appetizer, watching a good soccer game!


Naamyy. Especially tasty cookie it’s the king of the Argentineans snacks. Consist in two flat cookies joined by a thick lay of dulce de leche, cover of course by a thin lay of chocolate. You can find many different types, with a white chocolate cover, with almonds, etc.

Dulce de leche

Recently I´ve being in Norway and they have something quite similar call something like “hapo”. But make no mistakes, Dulce de leche its 100% originally Argentinean!
As a popular sweetener used in Argentinean cooking it’s often seen for sale all over the country in large glass jars. Its has a very sweet caramel taste with a honey consistency. To be honest, it’s calorie nightmare. Argentinean children, when coming back from school, usually eat a slide of bread with dulce the leche. Reject imitations!


Wow …of all the specialities maybe this is the one less appreciated by foreigners Why?, its not sweet, it doesn’t have a good taste. But then….why it’s so popular?. I guess it’s because the whole “mate ceremony”.
Drink out of a gourd full of mate leaves and hot water through a long metal straw called a bombilla. It’s usual to enjoy it among friends or among friends to be. One in the group is the one in charge of poring (its call “cebar”) hot water and sugar after each person. There are a lot of traditions around it. For example, it’s not polite to refuse one. And when you are full you just give back the mate with a “gracias”. If the straw gets stuck, it means that you have “mal de amores” (or problems in your love life). The most skilful “cebador” (person in charge of the water-sugar refill) is the one capable of keeping the same yerba for a long time without changing it.
Very important, never boiled the water!, It will totally ruined the mate. Usually drink by the gauchos, but always without sugar….since they say that mate with sugar was only for ladies!
For foreigners, it’s a heavy test drinking it in “the gaucho style”…..give it a try!


After soccer and tango, meat it’s the next national pride. Truth is that the quality it’s quite good, and the meat quite tasty. The asado or argie barbeque, is the most popular way to prepare it.
The usual “parilla” it’s a grilled on a huge spit over a pit full of red hot coals. The food is served with salads. A special mention deserves the so called “choripan” .Consist in a sausage with bread and chimichurri salsa. Mmmn please check the picture below, and If you can grab one……don’t waste any time!!!!